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B.A. Duration: 3 years (Semester System)
The College offers a number of combination of subjects to students so that they can pursue their education with their subjects if interest .The faculty of Humanities is fully qualified & dedicated for all round development of students.The College has rare distinction of having Swami Vivekanand & Maharishi Dayanand Studies Centre, sponsored by UGC.



 Course Name  B.A.
 Duration 3 years( Semester System)
 Eligibility   +2 with at least 40% marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.
 Seats Available   250
 Career Prospective
  • Jobs in Govt. Sector
  • Eligible for UPSC, CDS Exams,
  • Data entry operator
  • B. Ed.
  • Post graduation in related subjects
  • M.C.A. /M.B.A/L.L.B.
 Course Outcome
  • Punjabi
    To understand the interrelations between literature and society, explaining the nature of language and literature, obtaining the skills of literary criticism, imbuing the essay writing skills, illustrating the nature of literary forms like one-act-play and short story, imbuing the literary research attitude.
  • English
    To gain knowledge on the fundamentalprinciples of English grammar including parts of speech, sentence types, sentence analysis, simple / compound/complex sentences, subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, punctuation, capitalization etc.
  • Geography
    • Knowledge and Understanding:The student can explain principal terms, definition and theories (e.g. conceptual approaches in geomorphology).
    • The student can describe landforms and land forming in different climatic zones and tectonic regimes. The student can explain different theories and models for landscape evolution.
    • The student can discuss the development of micro to mega scale landforms and their life spans. The student can assess the mode of formation, age and history for landforms in world.
  • Hindi
    Creating an interest in literature, availing the job opportunities in translation, transformation and media, developing language and increasing the critical attitude about literary studies.
  • History
    To develop the ability to use historical sources and to locate primary sources, analyze evidence, and situate them in historicalcontext.
  • Punjabi (Elective)
    Students will learn about Punjabi poets in literature. Students will have information about their poems outside the syllabus. Efforts will be made to think and act on the themes of the poems.
  • Political Science
    Knowledge about political system of the nation.Study of national and international political affairs. Study from competitive examination point of view.Creating appropriate and efficient political leaders. Getting knowledge of political law.
  • Computer Application
    Understand all basic fundamentals of Matrices and vectors - Learn to find rank of a matrix. - Learn to solve linear system of equations (homogeneous and non homogeneous) - Increasing Knowledge of the basic concepts of equations. - Aware of a variety learning aids that can be used in the teaching of solving equations. - Know how to transform the equation.
  • Physical Education
    On completion of this course a graduate student should understand: Development of physique, strength, physical coordination, agility, the significance of Physical Fitness.


Subject Offered
Compulsory SubjectsGen. English
Gen. Punjabi
*Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (for Sem-I & II only)
*Environmental Studies (for Sem-III only)
Elective Subjects( any three)* Economics or Physical Education
History or Mathematics
Elective Punjabi or Elective Hindi
Political Science or Mathematics
Physical Education or Computer Application
Mathematics or Physical Education
Note:- Student is required to select any three elective subjects from the above subjects