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Cultural Activities

In the modern concept of learning, culture activities occupy a pivotal place in the educational setup of an institution. In order to offer the students ample opportunities for the gainful employment of their leisure hours and also to provide them proper, wholesome outlet for their exuberant energy, considerable stress is laid on cultural activities in the college. Despite rigorous academic agenda, there is always a time for music, for poetry, for dance, for discussion, dialogue with self, with innocent relaxation. In order to channelise & orient the creative energy of the youth, the college provides training to the willing & enthusiastic students in Bhangra, Giddha, folk song, Group Song, One act play, skit, Mimicry, Debate, Quiz; to mention a few

The college artists, debaters and speakers always bring laurels to the institution. They participate in various festivals and competitions to win pride positions.

Giddha 1st 2015-16 Zonal
Luddi 1st 2015-16 Zonal
Bhangra 3rd 2015-16 Zonal
Fancy-Dress 2nd 2015-16 Inter-Zonal

Best Dancer-Gidha –Navdeep Kaur
Inter-zone Gidha –Second

Giddha 1st 2016-17 Inter-Zonal
Bhangra 1st 2016-17 Zonal
Jhumar 2nd 2016-17 Zonal
Fancy-Dress 2nd 2016-17 Zonal
Geet 3rd 2016-17 Zonal
Mime 3rd 2016-17 Zonal

Best Dancer-Gidha-Ramanpreet Kaur
Best Dancer-Bhangra-Harshvardhan