Admission For Session 2020-21
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Mission & Vision



  • To empower young people of the society especially under privileged section of our country realize their hidden potential.
  • To achieve excellence in education and help students in displaying their latent talent abilities.


  • To impart character-oriented and value-based education anchored in human values.
  • To provide a well-balanced futuristic teaching learning environment.
  • To be liberal and emancipator by nature and suitable to the needs of society.
  • To be helpful in promoting creativity, originality and a sense of social responsibility and in creating a positive attitude towards life leading to the all-round development of students.


  • To uplift and provide education to girls in the rural area thus blending modernity with tradition.
  • To highlight problems, concerns and needs of the poor.
  • To provide range of activities to inculcate social, moral and ethical values.
  • To work for youth, women, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.
  • To work for conservation, environment enrichment and to protect the environment.
  • To undertake development projects and programmes which improve the socio-economic conditions of the society.